MPs: ‘Net zero means energy security’

In a letter to the British public, they claim the “support for green policies in parliament has strengthened”

Big Zero Report 2023

Cross-party MPs have affirmed their stance in support of net zero by writing a letter to the Guardian.

Signatories include the UK’s net zero czar Chris Skidmore and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas.

The MPs state: “Over the past year, support for green policies in parliament has strengthened, not weakened, as the link between net zero and energy security has become ever clearer. Net zero means energy security. Net zero means clean energy. And net zero means lower bills.”

In light of the ongoing energy crisis, investment in renewable energy and a greener future has been touted by many scientists and organisations such as the International Energy Agency as a means to combat costs and climate change simultaneously.

On this subject, the MPs continued: “[By] reducing our reliance on volatile oil and gas, we can cut the cost of living and meet our climate targets. The environment remains a top concern of the British public, and we will continue to promote ambitious environmental leadership in parliament, so that our constituents are better off tomorrow than today.”

Other members of Parliament that signed the letter include Philip Dunne, Bim Afolami, Darren Jones, Ben Lake and Alexander Stafford.

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