Nissan: ‘Cost of making EVs in UK needs to fall’

This is to keep the country competitive against other markets, a boss at the carmaker claims

Net Hero Podcast

For Nissan to make electric versions of its car models, the costs need to fall.

That’s according to Chief Operating Officer, Ashwani Gupta, who claims that manufacturing costs of electric vehicles (EVs) are higher in the UK than in other nations due to inflation and energy bills.

The “economics have to work” he stated; in ensuring the UK remains competitive with other countries in being a building block of the electric revolution.

Nissan’s Sunderland manufacturing plant employs 6,000 and is set to produce the next round of its electric Leaf model.

However, whether the plant is selected to start producing electric versions of its Juke and Qashqai models depends on the cost.

The company has 44 plants worldwide and is currently weighing up the economic argument to build EVs at its UK facility against its others.

Mr Gupta explained a decision does not need to be made yet but soon, with these models expected to go on sale from 2027 and a location choice needed at least two years prior.

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