‘Africa to become Europe’s most important renewable partner’

That’s the view of Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission

Net Hero Podcast

EU Climate Chief Frans Timmermans claims that Africa could become Europe’s most important partner in its journey towards a renewable future.

Europe is looking to increase its use of green energy, particularly hydrogen – and will require the infrastructure to produce it.

Egypt and Morocco were two nations touted to become links between Africa and Europe for transporting renewable electricity, with undersea cables to Greece already being built, Mr Timmermans explained.

The cable from Egypt to Greece is projected to carry 3,000MW of green power to the continent once operational.

“The European Union will need more green hydrogen than we can produce ourselves, so we’re looking for countries where green hydrogen can be produced,” he said.

In addition to Egypt, Namibia is also being considered as a future hydrogen production hub – with the purchase of raw materials and the green gas itself.

Solar power will be used mainly to produce much of the renewable energy, due to the climate in Africa.

“The continent of Africa is probably going to be the most important partner for Europe in terms of developing the renewable energy sector,” Mr Timmermans concluded.

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