Friday 27 January 2023

Methane from cow burps? – Bill Gates says no

Methane from cow burps? – Bill Gates says no

An Australian business looking to reduce the carbon emissions produced by cow burps has got the backing of billionaire Bill Gates.

Methane is produced by cows when breaking down their food – and after carbon dioxide, is the most populous greenhouse gas.

The methane created during their eating process is released through belching – which has led to a start-up from Perth looking to find a solution.

Rumin8 has started developing a dietary supplement that replicates red seaweed – as it’s been suggested that seaweed can significantly lower the methane emissions in cows’ burps.

The company’s creation prevents gas being made in the eating process – and has received $12 million (£9.7m) in funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which Bill Gates established eight years ago.

David Messina, Rumin8 Managing Director, said: “We have been very pleased with the reception we have received from climate impact funds around the world.

“There is a genuine desire to fund solutions to enteric methane emissions from livestock and fortunately for Rumin8, they can see the benefits of our technology.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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