Freezing weather sees remote workers look to save on their energy bills

They are opting for a trip to the office over heating their homes

Net Hero Podcast

As the cold snap persists and temperatures drop, remote workers are starting to return to the office to save on their energy bills.

That’s according to CV-Library, revealing that 20% have changed their working patterns to accommodate for the shift in weather.

Of those that said they changed their working pattern, 40% did so “purely to save on heating bills.”

The UK is currently suffering a bout of snow and ice – but this is expected to worsen next month, with the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing cold air to British shores from the Arctic.

Parts of the UK reached -8°C on Sunday, with the Met Office warning that extreme cold is set to continue for the rest of this week.

Commuters believe taking the trip into work will end up cheaper than paying to heat their homes, however, there have also been warnings that the extremely cold weather could see some delays in public transport as well.