Self-driving cars could double congestion

That’s the claim of a new government report

Big Zero Report 2023

Self-driving cars could mean double the traffic.

That’s according to a report by the Department for Transport, claiming that if autonomous cars become more common, the amount of traffic could go up by 90% by 2060.

Its report has estimated congestion levels if self-driving cars make up half the UK’s car fleet by 2047.

There would then be more traffic, as those who don’t have driving licenses would be riding in cars around the country.

However, if autonomous cars take off, the study projects that people will become less averse to sitting in traffic, as they will have the ability to work or relax whilst travelling if they don’t have to drive.

Commenting on the findings, RAC Foundation Director Steve Gooding said: “If everyone insists on having their own driverless car then traffic volume and parking pressures will rise.

“However, if we are prepared to access these vehicles on-demand and forego personal ownership then we could have a win-win situation: quieter roads, fewer cars shared by the many and cheaper transport.”

The study also revealed that London was the most congested city in the world in 2022, with an average wait time of 156 hours across the year for drivers.

The Department for Transport stated that it was expecting self-driving cars to be available for use in the UK by 2025 – however, they are currently not legally allowed on the roads.

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