Norfolk offshore energy storage project given green light

Up to 3m homes will be provided with electricity stored at the site

Big Zero Report 2023

A facility in Norfolk storing energy produced by offshore wind farms has been approved.

Connected to turbines in the North Sea, the site in Swardeston will host large industrial batteries and release energy to the National Grid on days where supply is low or there is less wind.

South Norfolk Council has given the green light for the site to go ahead, with councillor Clayton Hudson stating: “The race to decarbonise our economy and the long-term security of energy supply is paramount. I will not be responsible for turning off the lights in south Norfolk or delaying the decarbonisation of our economy.”

The site is projected to provide power for up to three million homes, with Ørsted leading the project.

Electricity will be transported using a 35-mile undersea cable.

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