‘EV drivers could save almost £250 on charging this year’

That’s as public charging starts to offer nightly rates, research has found

Big Zero Report 2023

By charging using off-peak tariffs, electric vehicle (EV) drivers could save up to £238 each year.

That’s according to research by EV charging aggregator, Bonnet, revealing that savings of up to 55% could be made if drivers charge at the right time.

It has found that until recently, off-peak charging benefits were only available to those who had chargers installed in their driveways or on their property – however, some public charging companies are now offering off-peak prices to use their facilities.

This will see the cost of charging EVs drop significantly in 2023 – with one company Char.gy, offering rates of 29p per KWh to charge during night time, which is 34p cheaper than the day rate.

The analysis reveals that this will see around £10 saved per charge and should stimulate more people to adopt an EV even if they don’t have private charging infrastructure.

Bonnet CEO, Patrick Reich, said: “We’re delighted to find that, through innovative off-peak tariffs our partners are leading, drivers will be able to save hundreds of pounds each year. These new variable rates offer serious savings for electric drivers.”

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