Rishi Sunak says “net zero will be solved by innovation”

The UK needs to have “the most innovative economy in the world,” the PM said in his New Year’s Speech

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“Major challenges like energy security and net zero will be solved by innovation.”

That’s what the Prime Minister had to say in his New Year’s Speech, focussed on how the UK can move forward and create a brighter and greener future in the face of adversity.

“The change we need is to put innovation at the heart of everything we do,” Rishi Sunak said.

He explained that “some people think innovation is about gadgets and geekery” but that is the “mindset that we need to change.”

“The more we innovate, the more we grow,” the PM added, claiming that the only way to overcome the ongoing energy crisis and give Britain a greener economy was to “make sure the UK is the most innovative economy in the world.”

He explained that Brexit must be used as a benefit, to ensure the UK’s regulatory system is “agile and pro-innovation.”

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