Tuesday 3 January 2023

Government providing £32.9m to boost walking and cycling

Government providing £32.9m to boost walking and cycling

The government is encouraging people to cycle or walk more this year, with a £32.9 million investment.

Local councils will benefit from the funding, which will see active transport schemes implemented across the UK, with the necessary infrastructure.

Network planning, public engagement and training for councillors and other staff will all take place.

The funding will ensure that more people stay fit and less carbon emissions are released by the everyday traveller.

Research by Cycling UK has been used to support the scheme, finding that £126 per year could be saved by the average person if they took all their short journeys by bike or on foot.

Active Travel Minister, Jesse Norman, said: “Leaving the car and walking and cycling instead is an easy way to get fit, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Skills training and local community engagement will help local authorities to make active travel an attractive choice for getting around.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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