‘Renewables saved Brits £5.7bn this winter’

That’s because far less gas was imported, RenewableUK claims

Big Zero Report 2023

Using low carbon power has saved more than £5 billion in the last two months for British billpayers.

That’s according to RenewableUK, claiming that between the end of October and start of this week, renewables and nuclear made up 54% of the UK’s electricity.

Wind accounted for 56% of this low carbon power source, which has seen households save money with less of a need to import gas, the trade association says.

More than 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas has not been needed from imports, equating to £5.7 billion not being spent.

The report reveals that renewables now generate 40% of the UK’s annual electricity needs, which has helped to lower the cost heaved onto Brits this winter to keep warm.

CEO Dan McGrail said: “Low carbon energy sources are doing the heavy lifting this winter, providing most of the power which is keeping the lights on – and Britain’s homes warm at the coldest time of the year.

“Every unit of electricity which we generate from cost-effective low carbon sources means one less generated by expensive gas imports which have sent consumer bills through the roof. Renewables are cutting people’s bills, helping hard-pressed families when they need it most.”

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