‘Public charging would make EVs more appealing to Brits’

Reliance on a single public charging service would see the number of EVs jump on UK roads

Big Zero Report 2023

Two-fifths of Brits would be more open to owning an electric vehicle (EV) if they could rely on a single public charging option.

That’s according to research by Cinch, revealing the top issues with public changing were not knowing the number of available charging points at a charging station, not knowing the charging options nearby and the speed of public changing.

It also showed that over a third, 39% of EV owners have downloaded more than three charging apps and 73% of owners spend over two minutes setting up charging on each visit

Abhishek Sampat, Head of EVs at cinch, says: “At cinch, we’re on a mission to make buying and owning a car faff-free. We’ve launched Cinch Charge to make it a faff-free experience, taking the stress away and offering thousands of charging points within one app and payment method.”

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