‘Space could stop 8.8bn tonnes of carbon being emitted’

That’s the entire carbon emissions of the United States – all with the power of satellites

Big Zero Report 2023

Could one of the world’s oldest satellite operators help the world bridge the final frontier of net zero?

“With just three satellites, you can see the entire Earth. This benefits us in managing the climate and managing the environment because you get the best view that you can’t get on Earth.”

That’s what Inmarsat’s Todd McDonell had to say on the perspective space provides in understanding our planet and fighting climate change.

He says that currently, space saves around 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon – but with the right investment, this could rise to 8.8 billion tonnes, representing all of the US’ emissions across a year.

But how can this be achieved – and why is space being overlooked as such as a viable option in fighting climate change?

Find out in this week’s Net Hero Podcast.

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