Net Hero Podcast – Space the first frontier for net zero?

Could space tech help us to cut global emissions and achieve net zero a decade earlier?

Big Zero Report 2023

I am a child of the space race.

I remember the Apollo 17 landings, the first space shuttle and of course Viking landing on Mars. My childhood had Space 1999, Star Wars and Star Trek. When I was a kid I thought by 2022 we’d all be living on the moon!

We are about to go back there soon with Artemis but space is not a fantastical concept anymore.

In fact space tech is so commonplace in our lives we hardly think of it. From baby milk to sat nav and cordless vacuum cleaners to memory foam mattresses. And of course, where would we all be without the ability to take a selfie? All these things were invented for our exploration of space.

Now research says satellite tech could help us get to net zero a decade earlier!

Houston – have we solved the problem?

Not quite but listen to my out of this world chat on the possibility of space to help us fight climate change. My thanks to Todd McDonell from Inmarsat for the voyage into net zero and beyond!

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