No one likes solar like the pigeons!

A woman just can’t get the birds away from her rooftop solar panels

Big Zero Report 2023

Solar has been touted as the answer to the energy transition by many – but no one seems to like the renewable energy source like the pigeons.

A woman in Derby has claimed that she can no longer open her windows and has had to move bedrooms due to pigeons’ obsession with solar panels.

Jane Rice told the Derby Telegraph: “During Covid they brought in the solar panels and in turn pigeons are coming – hundreds of them. The pigeons are nesting underneath the solar panels. There’s more pigeons here than the River Gardens.”

The solar panels were installed by Places for People to improve the energy efficiency of the property – but Ms Rice is not too pleased with the outcome.

“I couldn’t have any of my windows open all summer because the faeces were just dropping constantly.

“The stench is horrible. I think they need spikes on the roof to stop this. I pay lots of money to rent this property. It is not good enough.”

A Places for People spokesperson responded: “Earlier this year we erected netting in an attempt to stop the birds nesting and we’re currently exploring looking at further options that work for all involved.

“We are committed to helping our customers during the cost of living crisis with things like their energy bills; we’re also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our communities so investing in solar panels is a good thing for now and for the future.”

The panels seem a great place for the pigeons to rest and get their claws into – so maybe they’re just as into greener energy as the rest of the world.

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