Hourly tracking of renewable electricity is here – meet the 24/7 REGOs

There’s growing interest in buying renewable energy that’s tracked in a more granular way, thanks to a trial that’s matching generation and consumption on a 24/7 basis

Net Hero Podcast

It’s long been possible for organisations to show that they’re using renewable energy as part of their roadmap towards decarbonisation. In the UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and in the EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) are used to prove this.

The way the scheme works is simple: one REGO is issued to a renewable power generator for every MWh of renewable power they produce. These REGOs are then ‘redeemed’ or ‘retired’ by electricity suppliers as part of their Fuel Mix Disclosure. Ofgem requires this to specify the sources of the energy they provide, ensuring there’s no double counting.

Conventional REGOs and GoOs are issued monthly based on production, however, are matched to consumption on an annual basis running from April to March called the Compliance Period. Until recently, the system has been unable to allow for more granular data to be extracted.


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