Luton Borough Council commits to net zero by 2040

It has set a roadmap to achieve this – including targets on zero-emission transport and cleaner buildings

Big Zero Report 2023

Luton Borough Council has pledged to hit net zero by 2040.

The council has set out a roadmap, which it is now asking the public to provide opinion on.

It is hoping to find out what residents believe should be prioritised and adapt its plan accordingly.

The current roadmap includes a five-year emissions reduction target, increasing biodiversity, implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings and pushing for more zero-emission transport.

Councillor Tom Shaw said: “Working with local organisations and our residents is crucial to realising a net zero Luton. Only through collaboration can we share best practice and implement action.

“That is why we are asking what people think. I strongly encourage our residents to give us their views on the approach and actions outlined – we want our town to shape how we will achieve net zero.”

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