UK and Mexico work together on deforestation

Making farming techniques more sustainable is considered key to protecting local forestry

Big Zero Report 2023


The UK is tackling deforestation in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

This state has reportedly lost more than 570,000 hectares of rainforest in the last two decades to deforestation – with farming the key reason behind the decline.

Part of the UK pact with Mexico will see locals taught how to farm sustainably – with business skills also improved through a different education programme.

Resin is the main element produced in the local area – and specific cultivation programmes focused on the tree sap are part of the collaboration.

Alonso B, a local resin producer, said: “I have been producing resin for three years. At the beginning, I had enough production to fill four buckets. Now, thanks to the training I have received, I am producing 14 of them.”

Changing farming techniques has been considered critical to maintaining the ecosystem and stopping the decline of forestry.

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