East Riding of Yorkshire sets climate strategy

The area has one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe, the council has said

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council has adopted a climate strategy for the next eight years.

It has stated that implementing a climate plan is critical, as many homes in the area are now at risk of rising sea levels and coastal erosion.

The council has revealed that the area is losing up to four metres of coast each year– making it one of the fastest eroding coastlines on the continent.

This would see 209 homes lost within the next 100 years, it has stated.

Electric vehicle charging points will be installed, more renewable energy will be produced locally and projects are underway to reuse wasted heat from industrial sites.

A programme is also being launched to educate residents on recycling and ensure that only non-recyclable waste is put into normal bins.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, said: “What our research and consultation has shown is that while the challenges are great, opportunities for the council to facilitate change and lead by example are within our grasp and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the climate emergency.”

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