AstraZeneca commits to net zero by 2045

The company’s CEO said it was on track to achieve this at COP27

Net Hero Podcast

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has pledged to reach net zero by 2045, working from science-based targets.

The business has stated it is currently on track to cut its global emissions from operations by 98% by 2026.

This has been done by switching to 100% renewable energy sources last year and making its vehicle fleet entirely electric.

AstraZeneca also claims that it has adopted new respiratory inhalers that have a climate impact of close to zero from propellants.

To offset the remainder of operational impacts, the business aims to plant 50 million trees within three years.

Announcements of the progress made by the company were revealed at COP27, with CEO, Sir Pascal Soriot, stating: “The healthcare sector contributes to 5% of global carbon emissions. In fact, in countries like the US, it is up to 8% of carbon emissions of the country, so it’s a really big challenge for all of us to tackle and reduce the carbon footprint of the entire healthcare sector.

“During the pandemic, the healthcare sector stepped up and showed what can be achieved when we work together. Today, we act with the same urgency to tackle the climate crisis.”

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