Net Hero Podcast – build me a better future

Join me and an expert from Firstport exploring the need to improve the buildings we live in

Big Zero Report 2023

Thanks to everyone for supporting this podcast we’ve almost hit 14K downloads! Amazing! This episode follows a theme I have been covering for a few weeks now, buildings.

The built environment is vital for our net zero ambitions, 25% of global greenhouse emissions come from it. Think about that, a quarter of all emissions are the places we work and live in, so how do we tackle that?

In this episode I speak to Chris Phipps from Firstport, the nation’s biggest residential buildings management company. They are trying to ensure the buildings they manage are as energy efficient as possible but they need the buy in from landlords. And with UK housing stock among the oldest and leakiest in the whole of Europe, this is an enormous challenge.

We talk insulation, heating, water and most importantly behaviour in our bid to live cleaner lives.

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