Scotland announcing funds for climate damages

Nicola Sturgeon has said the country will help vulnerable nations recover from climate impacts

Big Zero Report 2023

Scotland is set to pledge funding for vulnerable nations that are suffering from climate change loss and damages.

That’s according to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who announced the finances will be made available to combat the “non-economic loss and damage that many countries are suffering.”

This comes after Ms Sturgeon faced a backlash for her decision to jet off to COP27, following the SNP’s decision to cut £133 million in funding for energy efficiency schemes in the government’s latest budget review.

However, Scotland’s funding for climate damages is nothing new – after the country became the first developed nation to commit finance towards the issue at COP26, with £2 million pledged.

The damages include job and industry collapses, building losses or community losses from rising sea levels.

COP27 kicked-off yesterday, with the UK passing over to presidency to Egypt.

Ms Sturgeon is expected to provide more details on the funding announcement tomorrow, stating Scotland has “determination to see real progress behind that issue that should have been dealt with many years ago.”

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