Wednesday 2 November 2022

‘For net zero we need a 400% increase for renewables’

‘For net zero we need a 400% increase for renewables’

For the UK to reach its renewables targets, there must be a 400% increase in offshore wind power.

That’s according to National Grid boss John Pettigrew, who says that seven times the amount of infrastructure that’s been built in the last three decades will be needed by 2030.

Law changes and getting local people onside will be critical, he stresses, as this infrastructure will almost all need to be built in the countryside where rural communities are situated.

Building pylons and underground cables will be necessary to carry the renewable energy – and this will not just require the participation of locals but also the backing of government and legislation.

In his interview with the BBC, Mr Pettigrew stressed that the UK will lose so much possible income that could be made from selling its excess renewable generation, if it does not build the infrastructure needed to transport it.

He does accept, however, the difficulty of achieving this within eight years – and is unsure whether the legislative changes will be pushed through with enough haste.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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