‘Solar power, the quickest path to energy independence’

Solar is set to become the world’s largest source of power generation by 2035, new report suggests

Big Zero Report 2023

Solar power might be the fastest way to help countries reduce dependency on Russian gas.

That’s according to new analysis by Statkraft, which suggests that under a “low emissions scenario”, Europe is predicted to have “significantly more” solar power by 2030 than expected before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The report’s authors expect that European solar capacity will see an average yearly increase of between 45 and 52GW towards 2030.

They stress that this is higher than the 33GW per year expected before the war in Ukraine – it also compares to a capacity of 26GW in 2021.

The report predicts that solar will become the world’s largest source of power generation by 2035.

Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, President and Chief Executive Officer at Statkraft, said: “In an energy system with much more weather-dependent renewable energy such as wind and solar, there is an increased need for flexible solutions that can help balance consumption and production.

Hydropower‘s unique ability to store water will provide both short- and long-term flexibility, and can be upgraded to achieve an even more important role in the future.”

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