Industry comes together to push for a hydrogen future

A campaign has been launched asking the government to invest in hydrogen

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK’s energy industry has joined forces to launch a new campaign, looking to encourage the expansion of hydrogen in infrastructure and homes.

The Hello Hydrogen campaign is calling on the government to boost hydrogen and is backed by energy suppliers, DNOs and boiler makers.

Members are looking to create an information hub on hydrogen through the campaign so people can fully understand its possibilities. These include a 20 million tonne per year reduction in carbon emissions from switching to hydrogen for home heating over natural gas, the campaign claims.

Campaign Director Angela Needle said: “As people start to turn on their heating again, we think now is the perfect time to begin the conversation about how we will all heat our homes in the future.

“We want households to know that there will be numerous ways to warm up their radiators or cook their dinner and hydrogen could be the right choice for them.

“For too long, consumers have only heard about expensive options that take up lots of space, to make their homes greener. We want them to know other, more affordable, choices will be available.”

“We now need the Government to get behind our campaign and show real commitment to a hydrogen future so the energy sector can start the huge investment needed to make it a reality.”

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