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SME businesses could save over £21m and cut carbon through SSE Energy Solutions’ partnership with Zellar

SME businesses could save over £21m and cut carbon through SSE Energy Solutions’ partnership with Zellar


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Up to 15,000 businesses can receive free access to Zellar’s services for one year, which is open to both SSE Energy Solutions’ existing customers and to the wider business community. Free licences will be available over a five-year period under the partnership.

SSE Energy Solutions is leading this campaign which will help small and medium sized businesses to accelerate their actions to tackle the climate crisis.

On average, companies using Zellar’s tools cut their energy bills by 9% each year, or over £1,395 (Article note #1), through a combination of reducing their energy use and investing in green technology, such as replacing lightbulbs with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Together, businesses could save over £21 million (Article note #2) through SSE Energy Solutions’ partnership, helping them to cope with rising inflation and the cost-of-doing-business crisis.

Zellar’s business customers then have the opportunity to offset residual emissions via verified projects, with the average Zellar business offsetting 6 tonnes per year.

Each company will receive access to a personalised dashboard, allowing them to track their carbon footprint accurately and benchmark themselves against similar businesses.

The dashboard then allows businesses to track their progress and gives them a “Zellar sustainability score” – so that they can see the impact their actions are having at a glance.

Tracking not only covers scope one and two emissions from within the business but also calculates scope three emissions (eg travel), and supports businesses in understanding their product lifecycles and supply chain emissions.

The platform helps businesses to make a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions and gives them week-by-week steps to reach their goals.

Businesses can switch to SSE Energy Solutions’ 100% renewable electricity tariff through Zellar, with the power matched to generation from SSE’s wind farms and hydro plants in the UK. (Article note #3)

Business can also switch to SSE Energy Solution's UK Offset Gas tariff, through which carbon emissions are offset by local biodiversity projects, such as restoring peatlands, so that they capture and store more carbon dioxide.

Zellar’s business customers can cut their costs even further by accessing its green technology marketplace, which is tailored to 64 sectors of the economy.

The sustainability platform also allows businesses to join a wider community and connect with other progressive businesses that are reducing their impact on the environment while saving money.

Data generated through Zellar can be used by businesses to showcase their sustainability commitments and achievements to existing and potential customers, investors, and suppliers.

Businesses can also connect with local volunteering programmes and support wider biodiversity and community action schemes.

Nikki Flanders, Managing Director of Energy Customer Solutions at SSE, said: “Our exciting partnership with Zellar will help small and medium sized businesses save money and accelerate the action they’re taking to tackle climate change.

“By working together with Zellar, we’re supporting both our customers and the wider business community across the country.

“These online tools will help businesses to go green while giving them access to SSE’s 100% renewable electricity and UK offset gas, plus a range of low carbon solutions.”

Gary Styles, founder and chief executive of the pioneering sustainability-as-a-service company, added: “Zellar is designed to accelerate exactly this kind of community climate action for Britain’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“We’re here to help businesses take their first steps and lead the change.

“We understand the compound pressures posed by rising inflation and energy prices and we’re here to help business leaders reduce their consumption, their emissions, and their bills.

“Zellar exists to support SMEs and help them navigate today’s crisis while also solving for a more sustainable future because responsible, sustainable businesses are also likely to be more competitive, profitable businesses in the long run.”

London-based Zellar was launched in 2021 and already works with a wide range of partners, including The Co-operative Bank and East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

Organisations using its site include local councils throughout the UK and a pilot programme with 40 schools in the East Midlands.

Pressure on businesses to cut their carbon emissions is mounting from customers, national governments, and global bodies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

In April, the IPCC published its Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change report, which highlighted the opportunities for businesses to cut their demand for carbon.

The report said companies could lead change within the business community and wider society and pointed out that if 10-30% of people take action then it can trigger a tipping point for the community as a whole.

Businesses looking to go greener can sign up for one year’s free access to Zellar at


Article Notes

1 Energy cost savings of £1,395 per business each year are based on the average Zellar SME energy spend and business customers achieving an average energy saving of 9% over a year. Energy spend calculation is based on £0.30/kWh electricity and £0.03/kWh gas. Actual savings will change in line with energy prices. The 9% saving is achievable through a combination of behavioural changes to reduce usage and investments in green technology such as LED lighting.

2 Based on 15,000 businesses saving an average of £1,395 per year.

3 SSE Energy Solutions renewable electricity is sourced from wind and hydro assets wholly or partly owned by SSE Renewables, a sister company in the SSE Group. Businesses continue to get their electricity through the national grid as normal, and consumption is matched to REGOs from the SSE Group’s generating assets.



About SSE Energy Solutions

The race to net zero is intensifying for businesses of all sizes. Sustainable decisions made today can meet customers’ changing needs for tomorrow and bring long-term success for businesses. Part of SSE plc, the UK and Ireland's largest renewable electricity generator, SSE Energy Solutions is different as all its renewable electricity is sourced from SSE’s own UK wind and hydro assets.

In addition to providing gas and electricity to businesses across the UK, SSE Energy Solutions invests in, builds and connects localised flexible infrastructure to drive the long-term performance of energy assets. SSE Energy Solutions works with its customers to deliver financially robust plans to bring flexibility and diversity to their energy infrastructure – the low-carbon solutions they need to succeed in the race to net zero.

About Zellar

Launched in 2021 to accelerate community climate action Zellar is a sustainability-as-a-service company on a mission to make sustainable business possible for the UK’s six million SMEs. The company has already attracted numerous partners including The Co-operative Bank, SSE Energy Solutions and East Midlands Chamber. Zellar is privately held and headquartered in London.

About the Zellar Sustainability platform - headline features

  • dashboard with single view of emissions, net zero action plan and live score
  • commission-free marketplace of energy and green tech, helping businesses transition to green more easily and cheaply – and save hundreds in broker fees.
  • useful tools include emission calculators, PDF guides and climate grant information
  • connections to local biodiversity initiatives, volunteering projects and other like-minded businesses in the same region and sector
  • community features that enable Zellar businesses to form local groups to share information and support one another along the net zero journey.
  • live partners include The Co-operative Bank, local authorities across the UK and a schools pilot with 40 schools in the East Midlands.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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