Friday 30 September 2022

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Carbon reduction successes with water

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Carbon reduction successes with water

In this podcast, Barry McGovaney, Innovation and Technology Manager at Water Plus, the largest water retailer in the UK, covers practical steps that can make a big impact for organisations – large and small. He also shares insight and figures around some of the savings available.

He said: “Although water is under Scope 3 on your emissions, it shouldn’t be looked at last as it can help lower energy costs too. Getting more data, on where water is used is an important first step.”

Plus, there was a big 130% tax deduction available for organisations that invested in equipment up to 31st March 2023, including fittings in their buildings*.

To request data loggers, or additional water efficiency services, contact the Water Plus team at: and include “FNZ” or “future Net Zero” in the email subject heading.

Water Plus is shortlisted for three Water Industry Awards in 2023, including Water Retailer of the Year, Customer Initiative of the Year and Water Efficiency Project of the Year, after being Finalists in three categories in 2022 - and was named a Finalist in the Environment Award at the Better Society Awards 2023.

The company also won a Global Gold Award for Water Management in the Green World Awards 2023 for work with organisations on their water – and has won five Green Apple Environment Awards, including Gold for Water Management, in November 2022, for its work raising awareness around water and the benefits of looking closer at its use at sites.

To partner with Water Plus, email: and include “Future Net Zero” in the email subject heading.

For more examples of successes businesses have around looking closer at water – and advice on action to take check out the future Net Zero information here.

* Further details on the tax deduction at: .

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