Tuesday 27 September 2022

Government expects tree-mendous seed production with £1.2m grant

Government expects tree-mendous seed production with £1.2m grant

The government expects domestic tree seed production to be ramped up with new funding worth £1.2 million announced last week.

The Seed Sourcing Grant is designed to enhance the quantity and quality of tree seed sources in England, boosting domestic seed production and helping meet the increased demand for trees.

It will also support green jobs and contribute towards achieving the UK's net zero targets.

In addition, the grant aims to improve the diversity of England's seed supply, for example, by increasing the range of species and provenances available.

That will be crucial for creating diverse and resilient woodlands which are better able to adapt to future climate conditions as well as emerging pests and diseases.

Nicola Spence, UK Chief Plant Health Officer, said: “Plant health and biosecurity are fundamental to life on Earth and ensuring their continued health and vitality will be critical to a thriving natural environment for future generations.

“By increasing and diversifying England’s seed supply, this grant is crucial to help lower the risk of importing harmful pest and diseases by reducing the need to buy seed internationally and will create diverse and resilient woodlands which will be better adapted to future threats.”

Applications for the grant must be received by 13th November 2022.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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