Monday 26 September 2022

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

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The official water partner for Future Net Zero, Water Plus, shares insights to help organisations in a series of podcasts.

Karen Brock, who is a Customer Communications and Campaign Lead at Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer, explains the benefits for any organisation to look closer at the water they’re using.

She said: “We launched a #BeWiseOnWater awareness campaign to highlight how small steps with water can make a big difference – and those looking at water more often have said it’s also helped to save them energy and helped them to budget.

“Low-cost push taps and aerators can cut flow rates by 16 litres a minute, so you’re using less water. This can reduce showers to 6 litres a minute – making a big difference for workplaces, gyms, spas and leisure facilities. Heating less water helps the environment too, as less water needs to be transported to a site and less energy is needed to make the water hot, reducing carbon emissions linked to this.

“Reading your water meter is very similar to your energy meter. The important digits are the black ones. It’s worth noting your meter serial number – along with taking a photo of the reading, just in case your retailer asks for this. Only read your meter if it’s safe to access – and, if you can, note the reading regularly - at least each month.”

With hot weather again in the headlines this year, there are some other small steps to take to reduce risks to keep water flowing at your business – or public sector site too – including regular checks, throughout the year, for any signs of water waste and leaks.

To partner with Water Plus, email: and include “future Net Zero” in the email subject heading.

For more examples of successes businesses have around looking closer at water – and advice on action to take check out the future Net Zero information here.

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