Do you know your RECs from your offsets?

If you’re actively considering the best way to decarbonise your business, then you’ve probably come across Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets already

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But what exactly are they, and which of them would be better for your set of circumstances?

How can RECs and carbon offsetting help your business decarbonise?

Both RECs and carbon offsetting can help you reduce or mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your business. The biggest difference between the two is that while RECs deliver carbon mitigation within your value chain, offsetting delivers mitigation beyond your value chain.


What’s a REC?

The first steps you’re likely to take when aiming to decarbonise is to reduce the carbon emissions your business is directly responsible for. That’s going to mean reducing the carbon footprint from your own operations and the energy you use. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) can help to prove you’re doing that.

A REC is an electronic certificate demonstrating that a particular portion of electricity – one megawatt-hour (MWh) – has been renewably generated and delivered to the grid.

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