5 ways to maximise your EV battery’s lifespan

As drivers switch from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles (EVs), we’re seeing steady progress on the decarbonisation of the automotive sector

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EVs made up 15% of all new vehicle registrations in October 2021; up from just 6.6% of all new vehicle sales in 2020. And manufacturers are striving to produce an experience that matches or betters that of a traditional ICE vehicle.

EV batteries are a long-term investment, with most guaranteed for up to 100,000 miles and a predicted lifespan of up to ten years – more than an average ICE. And while some drivers have been concerned about range, the average EV range is around 190 miles on a full charge, which exceeds the needs of most businesses.

But there’s plenty you can do not just to maximise the range of your EVs – but also to extend the lifespan of their batteries. Find out how.

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