Thursday 15 September 2022

The knowledge: Can black cabs become green?

The knowledge: Can black cabs become green?

Everyone loves London's iconic black cabs - but will they love them even more if they become green?

For EV and Charging Week, I spoke with Asher Moses, Founder and CEO of Sherbet, who is looking to make London travel greener, with electric black cabs.

The name of the company plays on the cockney rhyming slang for cab; 'Sherbet Dab' - and Mr Moses aims to marry the capital's iconic history with modern times, only offering electric rides to customers.

He explains: "To future proof licensed London taxis we are embracing the Mayor's strategy to go electric, as fast as possible. Today, Sherbet has got 350 electric vehicles - but there's actually nearly 6,000 electric vehicles on the road today.

"Electric taxi drivers, companies like ours, have invested over £300 million in the Mayor's strategy to go green and it's a fantastic place to be."

On the impact of electric taxis, he said: "Everything changes for the drivers and the passengers. We've got passengers who will walk past a diesel [cab] and jump into an electric one.

"Sherbet are an all electric taxi supplier, we embrace technology and ask companies to have corporate social responsibility to go green. How do you get around London? Well you can do it in a green, clean, safe and traditional licensed London taxi."

Watch the full interview to learn more.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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