‘UK energy bill crisis will get worse without insulation measures’

Energy measures announced last week are forecast to do little to tackle the crisis in the medium and long term, according to a new report

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The UK could find itself in an even more difficult position next year over soaring energy bills if the government does not address the existing energy efficiency problems.

That’s one of the findings of a report by the Institute for Government (IfG), which says that the UK’s homes and buildings are among the least efficient in Europe.

The British independent think tank suggests that poor home energy efficiency has contributed to the hit faced by UK households this year.

With gas prices predicted to remain high throughout 2023 and remain volatile beyond that, the analysis predicts that the UK will remain vulnerable as long as it is highly dependent on gas.

Improving energy efficiency could make a much bigger difference than energy supply measures in the medium term, the authors of the report have suggested.

They stress that home energy efficiency improvements were “entirely absent” in the recently announced energy plan.

The IfG says that the UK’s current approach lacks ambition and funding and it has ignored demand during the current energy crisis.

ELN has approached BEIS for comment.