Net Hero Podcast – Can white goods be the right goods for net zero?

Lena Henry the UK boss of Whirlpool, outlines their vision to be a net zero manufacturer and how companies can make better choices easier and more affordable, for consumers

Big Zero Report 2023

Energy saving and efficiency has new meaning during the current energy crisis. In this week’s podcast I talk to Lena Henry the MD of Whirlpool in the UK.

They make washing machines, kitchen appliances, dishwashers you name it. If it’s a white good, they do it and say they have one of their products in most homes. So with a commitment to be net zero by 2040, what are they doing to ensure we don’t have to think too much next time we run a load or reach for that tub of ice cream?

How can manufacturers ensure they are not greenwashing and actually start to make goods, that make using them less harmful to the planet and our environment? We discuss all this and more in our chat. Listen in now and please share with friends and colleagues.

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