Parliament to discuss pros and cons of geothermal energy

The energy source is considered a useful tool to achieve net zero

Net Hero Podcast

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is set to investigate whether geothermal energy could become a key part of the UK’s low carbon energy mix.

Leading organisations and experts in the field will be involved in the hearing, with the EAC considering all benefits and barriers to the energy source.

Although figures for the exact amount of geothermal heat available to the UK are still unavailable, experts believe that significant resource would be available to help keep British lights on in a greener fashion.

Geothermal energy decarbonises heat and generates low carbon electricity – and is considered a useful tool in the journey towards net zero.

The EAC has been told that main existing barriers are a lack of government support, a regulatory framework and public awareness.

The hearing will take place on Wednesday 7th September at 3:45pm, with speakers present from the British Geological Survey and the Renewable Energy Association.