Tuesday 6 September 2022

Boris Johnson bids farewell

Boris Johnson bids farewell

Boris Johnson's era has officially come to an end and his farewell speech earlier today shed light on some of the milestones hit by his government in the past couple of years.

The speech had references to some of the biggest moments in Johnson's legacy, including the UK support for Ukraine, the delivery of Brexit and "Europe's fastest" vaccine rollout.

Boris Johnson stressed that his successor Liz Truss would provide more support for struggling households.

He said Vladimir Putin would fail in blackmailing or bullying the British people over the energy crisis and the "compassionate" Tory government "will get people through the crisis".

Standing outside the lacquered black door of Number 10, Prime Minister said: "It's time for us all to get behind Liz Truss and her team and her programme and deliver for the people of this country.

"We will continue to have the economic strength to give people the cash they need to get through this energy crisis that has been caused by Putin's vicious war.

"And I know that Liz Truss and this compassionate conservative government will do everything we can to get people through this crisis and this country will endure it and we will win.

"And if Putin thinks he can succeed by blackmailing or bullying the British people then he is utterly deluded and the reason we will have those funds now and in the future is because we, Conservatives, understand the vital symmetry between government action and free market capitalist private sector enterprise."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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