Monday 5 September 2022

Will the next PM freeze energy bills?

Will the next PM freeze energy bills?

Will a two-year energy bill freeze be one of the priorities in the policy plan of the incoming Prime Minister?

Leadership favourite Liz Truss is reportedly considering the option of freezing energy bills for millions of hard-pressed households.

The Daily Telegraph and The Times today have reported that Liz Truss, who is widely expected to be confirmed as Britain's new Prime Minister, will introduce this measure to a certain extent.

In an interview with the BBC yesterday, facing questions about the cost of living crisis, Ms Truss said: "If I am elected as Prime Minister, I will act immediately on bills and energy supply because I think these two things go hand in hand.

"We need to deal with the immediate problem. We need to help people. We need to help businesses. But we also need to sort out the supply issues that have made us end up being where we are now."

Energy bills are expected to rise to £3,549 a year on 1st October.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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