Scotch whiskey to hit net zero by 2040

The Association representing the industry has made the pledge

Big Zero Report 2023

The Scotch whiskey industry is looking to hit net zero by 2040.

Between 2008 and 2020, the industry more than halved its carbon emissions – but is now looking for its direct operations to hit zero by 2040.

The Scotch Whiskey Association is also reviewing its environmental targets to also address Scope 3 emissions, contacting farmers, shipping companies and packaging businesses involved in delivering the drink.

The industry has stated its desire to partner with the Scottish government in cutting its carbon, utilising new green technologies and finding new ways of working.

Ivan Menezes, Chair of the Scotch Whiskey Association, said: “The decade of action towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in 2030 is already racing away from us.

“By the time the spirit we produce in our distilleries today is ready to be sold as 12-year-old Scotch whiskey, the deadline of 2030 will have come and gone.”

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