Friday 2 September 2022

Leeds to expand low carbon heating network

Leeds to expand low carbon heating network

Leeds City Council has announced that its low carbon district heating network will now be expanded by 2,500m – with construction set to start in the coming weeks.

The government’s Heat Network Investment Project has provided £3 million to expand the network, which uses heat and energy from non-recyclable waste to provide hot water to the city.

This network will soon stretch 28km in length – and last year provided more than 15,400MWh of heating for Leeds, cutting the Yorkshire city’s carbon footprint by 2,000 tonnes.

Leeds Magistrate Court and the Combined Court Centre are set to be connected to the network with this new expansion.

Councillor Helen Hayden said: “By extending the network to more parts of the city, I am delighted that we’ll soon be able to give even more businesses and residents the opportunity to enjoy affordable, reliable and low carbon heat—helping them to move away from costly fossil fuel-based systems and towards a greener future.”

Minister for Business and Energy, Lord Callanan, added: “We are showing how investing in cutting-edge clean technologies can help protect consumers and businesses from the costs that are driving up energy bills at a time of high global prices.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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