Industrial emissions to be tackled with new framework

Companies will now need to ensure they’re using the ‘best techniques available’ to cut their carbon

Big Zero Report 2023

A new regulatory framework has been launched by the UK to quash industrial emissions and air pollution.

The Best Available Techniques framework will see the environmental performance of industrial businesses monitored and regulated with far more scrutiny.

It will now be obligatory for these companies to ensure they are using the best techniques possible to cut their emissions.

Local councils and industry will work alongside the government in determining what the best techniques are for each sector – and firms will need to show they’re following these.

Independent bodies will regulate this for all four nations of the UK.

Environment Minister Steve Double said: “Tackling emissions is essential to reduce the damaging effects of air, water and land pollution on people and the environment.

“The new framework and collaborative approach will ensure higher standards for industrial emissions across the UK and a more effective governance structure to support industry in finding the best available techniques to meet these standards.”

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