More than 60% say they’d buy second-hand clothes to cut carbon

However, 64% return items at least once every two months – releasing more emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Six-in-10 Brits have considered buying second-hand clothes to cut their carbon footprint.

That’s according to a new study by Retail app Slip, which also revealed that 67% of shoppers also now consider the environmental impact of online returns when buying their next look.

More than 80% don’t know the cost of online returns to retailers, however – with there being an expectancy for it to be dealt with at no expense to the buyer.

This is coupled with the fact that 64% of Brits return items at least once every two months due to sizing issues or a dislike of how the item looks in person.

The study stresses that this is having more of an impact on the environment than consumers care to believe – despite being open to trying used clothing to cut their carbon.

Transporting unwanted items to-and-fro from warehouse to wardrobe and back again causes heavy carbon emissions, the report explains.

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