Indra and Plug Me In partner to deliver smart EV charging

The former company’s Smart PRO charger enables smart off-peak charging and is expected to help maximise usage of renewable energy

Big Zero Report 2023

British smart energy technology firm Indra has partnered with infrastructure company Plug Me In to deliver smart charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) across the country.

The former company’s Smart PRO charger has a number of advanced features, including a personal charging schedule, smart off-peak charging to minimise cost and maximise renewable energy usage, solar compatibility, automatic software updates and home fuse protection.

Indra will provide its smart charger to Plug Me In, which is part of Calisen and an installer approved by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

Leighton King, Indra’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “By installing our high-quality Smart PRO charger, Plug Me In will be able to deliver on its promise of delivering the smartest and most reliable charging solution for customers across the UK.

“We offer cost effective and easy to use advanced chargers for both domestic and business customers which also maximise usage of renewable and sustainable energy sources.”

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