Environment Act updated to improve air quality

Councils will now be required to report more frequently on air pollution levels

Big Zero Report 2023

The government has brought changes forward in the Environment Act to help tackle the country’s air pollution and provide a new structured framework for local councils to follow.

National Highways will be legally required to work with local councils and ensure that air quality on road networks in these towns and counties complies with healthy standards.

A timeline of clear actions to meet air quality standards will now be required from localities, as well as any area deemed to have unacceptable levels of air pollution needing to draw up a reduction plan within 12 months.

There will also now be more of a requirement for councils to report and disclose on air quality directly to the government.

Environment Minister Steve Double commented: “These changes – delivered by our Environment Act – provide a strengthened framework for local councils to meet their air quality objectives and will ensure that communities are protected sooner with real improvements to the air we breathe.”

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