UN treaty on ocean health at final stages

The treaty has been deliberated over since 2018

Big Zero Report 2023

The UN is conducting the final meeting on a treaty for the conservation and sustainability of the world’s seas and oceans – which has been ongoing since 2018.

The Intergovernmental Conference is discussing the last details on management tools, environmental impact assessments and the implementation of marine technology to protect wildlife.

Looking to get the agreement over the line with haste, the conference’s President Rena Lee said: “Let us strive to deliver on an agreement that will be fair, balanced, implementable and which will attract universal participation. Let us not let the perfect be the enemy of good.”

The key aim is to ensure countries around the world use the ocean’s resources sustainably and with marine wildlife front-of-mind.

Drawing up a strategy that all can follow is considered key to conserving biological diversity and allowing the oceans to slowly repair themselves.

Miguel de Serpa Soares, Secretary-General of the conference, added that the UN will “not let marine biodiversity collapse on their watch.”

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