October energy price hike – Schneider Electric comment

A comment from Nico Van Der Merwe, VP Home & Distribution at Schneider Electric, who has offered his insight into where homes are wasting energy, and how governments and private companies can work with consumers to drive down their costs.

Big Zero Report 2023

By Nico van der Merwe, VP Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric 

It is a worrying time for consumers facing a winter of high energy prices. Whilst we can’t control prices – technology is available to help people manage their energy use more efficiently. Through the adoption of connected, digital technology such as smart thermostats and smart home energy systems we as consumers can better understand our energy bills, paying close attention to consumption levels in real time.   

In the UK, shortcomings in how buildings are built, managed, and used by their occupants mean they are still 82% inefficient on average.  

Today, on average 86% of energy is used on heating and hot water so in the short term, we’d like to see consumers being offered smart heating technologies as part of their gas and electricity package to help them prepare for and manage price increases.  

Longer term, investing in a home energy management system can help save up to 50% on energy costs. Local housing developers, local authorities, housing associations and local businesses can work more closely together to build more energy efficient homes that are more economical and environmentally sustainable for residents. Our research found that around 40% of people now expect sustainability technology to be embedded in the housing infrastructure for new builds. 

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