Net Hero Podcast – Digital twins, sustainable flying at the double?

In this episode I explore whether digitisation can unlock sustainable aviation for future generations

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If you’ve never heard of a digital twin, don’t worry neither had I, in essence they are virtual worlds made to replicate something or some system, that you later build.

In this week’s podcast I chat to Rajkaran Singh Kharbana, Director of Industry and Business consulting at software company Dassault Systemes, who explained what digitial twins can do to clean up the aviation sector.

Although flying is only 2% of global emissions, it’s one of the most debated areas for decarbonisation. Some say we should stop flying altogether, others that green air fuels are the answer and others still, claim new designs of planes that use much less fuel are the key.

Raj takes me through all the options and explains how digitisation can make sustainable flying a reality. Listen in and if you want to be featured on the podcast, just get in touch.