Royal Mail delivers with 3,000 electric vans and orders 2,000 more

The switch to EVs supports the postal service company’s ambition to deliver net zero emissions by 2040

Net Hero Podcast

Royal Mail has passed its milestone of 3,000 electric vehicles (EVs) across its delivery and collection fleet and signed a deal for an addition 2,000 new EVs.

The 3,000th electric van was deployed at its Peterborough Delivery Office, which currently has 106 vehicles on site, with all delivery and collections operated by a fully electric fleet.

A total of 70 delivery offices across the country have made the transition to either full or part electric fleet so far, including London, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge and Oxford.

The latest order includes 1,000 Peugeot Partner and 1,000 Peugeot Expert models which are due to be delivered from August as part of Royal Mail’s target to have 5,500 EVs by spring 2023.

The switch to EVs support the postal service company’s ambition to deliver net zero emissions by 2040.

Simon Thompson, CEO, Royal Mail said: “Environment is the next battleground for businesses and we are determined to lead. We already have the lowest emissions per parcel and have set an ambitious target to reduce to 50gCO2e, about the same as having a cup of tea with milk. The transition to electric vehicles is a key part of our strategy to reduce our emissions whilst delivering a seven-day parcel service to our customers.

“We now merchandise the emissions per parcel for every delivery on the Royal Mail App, so customers can understand the impact of their order on the planet. As a business we are leading the change to achieving a more sustainable future for our fleet and our planet – with our colleagues on the frontline championing the vehicles and the move to an all-electric fleet.”