Friday 5 August 2022

Sustainable footwear brand LANE EIGHT steps towards 2030 net zero goal

Sustainable footwear brand LANE EIGHT steps towards 2030 net zero goal

Sustainable footwear brand LANE EIGHT, whose shoes are made with natural and recycled materials, has announced its commitment to achieve global net zero carbon footprint by 2030.

The company develops workout shoes using natural materials such as eucalyptus and algae as well as recycled materials “or the best alternatives” to combat the impact of material extraction and processing.

It also uses post-consumer recycled paper for packaging and reduces the amount used by removing non-essential packaging materials, in addition to introducing water-soluble and biodegradable shipping bags produced by Invisible Co to further lower its impact.

It has partnered with Carbonfact to assess the environmental impact of products, regularly measure its carbon impact and share progress with industries and communities to encourage them to do the same.

They has calculated the carbon footprint of LANE EIGHT's Trainer AD 1 and the HIIT Trainer sneakers, which showed they have a reduced carbon footprint of between 28% - 38% compared to similar available footwear.

The brand will feature the information on each product page of its website to keep customers informed they are making a planet-conscious purchase.

James Shorrock, LANE EIGHT Co-Founder said: “Our goal as a brand has always been to create a shoe that is not only easily accessible to an everyday consumer but also disrupts the current industry's standards for what is deemed eco-conscious.

“We are constantly striving to push our standards and develop innovations that ensure that we provide a quality product while utilising innovative processes to lower our impact as much as possible.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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