Are your sites meeting energy efficiency standards?

Meeting energy efficiency standards is becoming increasingly important for businesses around the world. This is particularly true of commercial properties

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In recent reports it was found that 10% of UK commercial properties don’t currently meet energy efficiency standards. Bensons Gas Engineering has revealed that 10.13% of leased commercial properties in the UK do not meet the EPC rating of band E, which is required by April 2023.

By failing to comply with higher band ratings, businesses are missing out on countless benefits. Landlords will also be subject to fines and other costs if they do not comply. These fines could range from anywhere between £5,000 to £150,000.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensure you meet relevant energy efficiency standards.

Controlling your energy

For building owners to bring lower EPC ratings up and reach energy efficiency standards, they need to take control of their energy. Understanding exactly where they are using the most energy and why is the first step – making conscious changes is the second.

Making small changes can have a big impact. Consider switching off appliances when you leave the building. Close windows when HVAC systems are in use, and make the most of any natural light. These measures can go some way towards reducing your energy consumption and subsequent costs.

Encourage efficient habits

Buildings and offices often fail to reach energy efficiency standards, due to inefficiencies that can often be easily remedied. Old boilers and radiator leaks can result in wasted energy and unnecessary costs. Updating equipment, installing smart meters, and upgrading your building insulation can make a significant impact on your business’s consumption. And subsequently your energy bills.

Regularly monitoring and metering your sites can help to identify inefficiencies and offer businesses the chance to correct them. Carrying out audits can help to monitor your overall energy usage, which can also help to reduce waste. Collecting real-time data based on actual usage, rather than estimates, improves your budgeting both in the short and long-term. Not to mention the energy cost and consumption savings you will gain.

Remain compliant

Keeping on top of the steady stream of new legislation released by the government each year can seem difficult and daunting. But with the right help, you can meet compliance standards efficiently – and this will also bring a number of benefits.

Compliance can be achieved through many options, such as:

  • Efficient carbon management and reporting.
  • Green procurement.
  • Smart metering and monitoring.

Step one is to obtain a full understanding about the standards that apply to your company. Step two is ensuring that there is no unnecessary duplication of paperwork when trying to reach these targets. We can also help you to streamline compliance with the different regulations, avoiding duplication of effort.

We understand that you may face difficult challenges on your journey towards becoming compliant. Our bespoke solutions are intelligent, use innovative technology, and integrate your approach to deliver actionable insights.

Get in touch today to find out more on how we can help you reach relevant standards.

How can EIC help?

At EIC, we understand the growing importance of securing a green future and meeting energy efficiency standards. With our many years of experience, and team of experts, we can provide clients with everything they need to begin their journey towards sustainability.

We help businesses to monitor and manage their energy and carbon, with sustainability in mind. Our in-house team can guide you through energy monitoring, carbon footprinting, green procurement and compliance legislation.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you to reach your sustainability goals.

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