Ireland launches new office to support transition to zero-emission vehicles

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland has launched a number of new initiatives to boost the uptake of EVs across the country

Big Zero Report 2023

The Irish Government has launched a new office that is expected to play a vital role in Ireland’s transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland, a new office within the Department of Transport, will work across government, industry and society to support the transition, which will include infrastructure delivery through funding and policy guidance, strategy and policy lead including taxation, research and innovation as well as communications and public and stakeholder engagement.

It has launched a number of new initiatives to support the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), including the Apartment Charging Grant, Expansion of the EV Home Charger Grant, EV Commercial Fleet Trial, Destination Charging Grant for Sports Club and re-opening of Electric Small Public Service Vehicle (eSPSV) grant.

The EV Apartment Charging grant will support dwellings that do not have access to a driveway such as apartments, duplexes as well as mixed developments while the EV Home Charger grant will enable homeowners and tenants to apply for funding, whether they own an EV or not as they can be used for visitor use or at rented accommodation.

The EV Smart Charger Register will only provide funding for smart chargers from 1st September 2022, the Shared Island Sports Club grant will provide funding to install a network of publicly-accessible chargers in communities through their local sports clubs while the eSPSV grant, which has now been reopened, aims to enable owners of small public service vehicles, such as taxis, hackneys and limousines, to buy EVs.

In addition, a new trial has been launched to promote and encourage the electrification of the commercial fleet in Ireland, enabling businesses to test an EV free to charge for a minimum period of three months.

According to statistics from the government, 21% new cars licensed this year so far were either electric or plug-in hybrid EVs, compared with 14% during the same time in 2021, supporting Ireland’s ambition to have almost one million EVs on the roads by 2030.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of Zero Emission Vehicle Ireland. This Office will accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles and help decarbonise our transport sector.

“Our EV target is a critical solution to reducing our transport emissions, and is a key part of our strategy which also includes measures to reduce car journeys, through improved public and active transport networks. Building on this progress to date, the new Office is here to continue to drive the electrification of road transport in Ireland, addressing existing and emerging challenges and ensuring that no one is left behind as we make the change to electric.”

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